Foundations in Personal Finance: Middle School Edition for Homeschool Teacher/Student Pack

Foundations in Personal Finance: Middle School Edition for Homeschool Teacher/Student Pack

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Thanks to intentional homeschool parents like you, teens across the country have learned the truth about debt, how to make a budget that works, and how investing early will help them build wealth for the future. Foundations in Personal Finance: Middle School Edition for Homeschool will keep your students engaged with its eye-catching design and unique teaching examples. It contains everything you need—saving you time and fully preparing you to teach the materials. The curriculum includes a student text, teacher resources, and video lessons by our Foundations team.

Our team includes #1 bestselling authors and dynamic speakers Rachel Cruze, Anthony ONeal and Dave Ramsey. The Foundations team serves as the financial experts for you, using humor and true stories to educate and reinforce the money principles taught in the lessons. Our blended learning website, foundationsU, also includes a deeper dive into some of the teen entrepreneur stories featured in the curriculum.

As a precursor to Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Homeschool, this curriculum offers timely and relevant personal finance lessons for your middle school students.


Curriculum Features:

  • Stand-alone chapters that can be used in any order

  • Over three hours of video instruction given by the Foundations team of experts

  • Scripture reference guide for additional study of biblical teaching related to finances

  • Case studies to engage students in real-world application of financial principles

  • Parent guide to encourage ongoing interaction with financial topics

  • Pre- and post-tests for the course as a whole, as well as a summative assessment

  • Aligned with the National Standards for Financial Literacy