Sailing Made Easy American Sailing Association

Sailing Made Easy American Sailing Association

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The book is the most comprehensive education and boating safety learn-to-sail guide to date. Incorporated in the textbook are useful illustrations and exceptional photographs of complex sailing concepts. There are also quizzes at the end of each chapter, and a glossary to help those new to sailing to navigate their way through the extensive nautical terminology.



When I first met American Sailing Association Executive Director Charlie Nobles four years ago he told me the association was in the process of updating its instructional sailing books. Looking at the newly published Sailing Made Easy, it is easy to see that those four years were time well spent. The superbly produced textbook, which will serve as the new official textbook for the ASA's Basic Keelboat course, is the perfect tool for learning the basics of sailing. Learning to sail is primarily a visual process, and Sailing Made Easy gets it right with high-quality, detailed illustrations and photographs. Text is clear and concise, and the book's layout just makes sense, with each topic given its own two-page spread that allows students to seamlessly progress through subjects as they build on their knowledge of sailing skills. Moreover, the writing is not a stale recitation of do's and don'ts, but will hold a reader's interest, making learning fun, as it should be. That writing is thanks to a team of expert sailing instructors led by coeditors Peter Isler and Jeremy McGreary. At 120 pages, the textbook features a water-resistant cover and is color coded and indexed for easy reference. A glossary contains common sailing terms and chapter quizzes let students test their understanding of the material. --Tim Gregoire, Sailing Magazine, July 2010

Sailing education just got a face-lift. The American Sailing Association recently published Sailing Made Easy, perhaps the most comprehensive learn-to-sail guide on bookshelves today. Editors Peter Isler and Jeremy McGeary worked with lead writer Harry Munns to compile a beautifully designed and thoroughly researched manual that covers all of ASA's 101 course. The text summarizes hundreds of complex sailing concepts and is accompanied by useful illustrations and great photos. There are quizzes at the end of each chapter, and a glossary helps those new to sailing navigate their way through the extensive nautical lexicon they've just learned. Sailing Made Easy is a significant improvement over its predecessor and is best coupled with an ASA class, where you can take the lessons from the book and apply them on the water. --Meredith Laitos, Sail Magazine, June 2010