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What If You Had Animal Parts Scholastic Series (7 Set)

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This Scholastic paperback book set includes the following 7 books: What if You Had Animal Hair, What if You Had Animal Teeth, What if You Had Animal Ears, What if You Had Animal Eyes, What if You Had an Animal Tail, What if You Had an Animal Nose, and What if You Had Animal Feet. Not a boxed set.

Filled with ridiculous illustrations, the What If You Had... series is the perfect introduction to animal biology lesson plans. These are children's nonfiction for pre-k to grade 3. Elementary school kids will love the stories about animals.

  • Polar bears
  • Reindeer
  • Porcupine
  • Beaver, great white shark, narwhal, elephant, rattlesnake, naked mole rat, hippopotamus, crocodile, and more!

Young readers will love tapping their imagination to understand what life would be like if one day they looked in the mirror and saw they had an elephant trunk instead of a cute little nose, a jack rabbit’s ears instead of their own, or the eyes of a colossal squid. And with each turn of the page, students will learn why they have what they have and why those parts are just right for them.

If you could have any animal's hair, whose would you choose? If you had a polar bear's double coat, you would never have to wear a hat when playing in the snow. If you had reindeer hair, it could help you stay afloat in water. And if you had a porcupine's hair, no bully would ever bother you again!