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Alfred's Music For Little Mozarts Level 1 (2 Set)

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This set includes the following 2 level 1 books from the Music For Little Mozarts Series: Lesson Book 1 and Workbook 1. Learn the basics with each beginner lesson. Perfect for children! Both books are paperback and do not include CDs.
Lesson Book 1 is pre-reading. Concepts taught are:
*How to sit at the piano
*Correct hand position
*High and low
*Loud and soft (forte and piano)
*Keyboard topography
*Bar line and measure
*Quarter, half, whole notes and rests
*Repeat signs
The first pieces in the book are played on the black keys. Later in the book, C D E for the RH and C B A for the LH (Middle C position) are taught with letter notes (the name of the note is written inside the note head). Characters introduced: Mozart Mouse, Beethoven Bear, and Elgar E. Elephant.
Workbook 1: The Music Workbook contains pages of coloring, tracing, matching, ear training and listening that have been carefully designed to reinforce the musical concepts introduced in the Music Lesson Book 1. In full color, 48 pages.
Workbook 1 covers:,/br> *Left and right hand finger numbers
*Quarter notes
*Half notes and half rests
*White Keys A, B, C