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Alfred's Premier Piano Course Level 1B (3 Volume Set)

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This set of the Premier Piano Course series includes the following 3 paperback books (all are level 1B): Lesson, Theory, and Performance. This set does NOT include any CD’s in order to accommodate all teachers.

Lesson Book 1B: The Lesson Book combines unusually attractive music and lyrics from Alfred's method. Perfect basics for beginners learning how to play keyboard! The beginner book features these lessons:
*Note reading
*Rhythm reading
*Sight-reading and technical workouts.
While most teachers find CD recordings very useful at the lesson and for home practice, others prefer not to use the CDs. To accommodate all teachers, this version of Premier Piano Course Lesson Book 1B does not have a CD included.

Theory Book 1B: Correlated page-for-page with the Lesson Book, each new musical concept is reinforced through fun-filled writing, listening and playing exercises. With games and puzzles added to compositional and creative activities, students retain concepts more easily and learn more thoroughly.

Performance Book 1B: The appealing repertoire with charming lyrics further reinforces and enhances the learning of new musical concepts introduced in the Lesson Book. Includes attractive music created by internationally acclaimed composers in a variety of styles, plus tips on how to perform more musically.