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Brain Gym Paperback Book: Teacher’s Edition Revised 2010

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Brain Gym Teacher's Edition details the 26 Brain Gym activities used by many to make learning easier. This is the revised and enlarged third edition (2010). This stand-alone book is for parents, teachers and learners who want in-depth descriptions and variations for the 26 Brain Gym activities. Those who need only drawings of the 26 and simple descriptions of how to do them can refer to the small orange book Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole-Brain Learning.

Provides a greater education on training with each activity within the lessons. Help your child, or students grow!

The book references recent research in the field of neuroplasticity as it shows how learners can master the physical skills required for development of academic abilities. The 26 activities, each taking just a minute or so to do, help learners to develop skills of stability, locomotion, and sensorimotor coordination, as well as providing effective tools for self-calming and self-management. This expanded 2010 version of the book offers new information on the physical skills involved in the learning process, ways to use the 26 activities to teach specific academics such as reading and writing, personal accounts from parent and educators, and games for teaching through movement and play.

The Dennisons wish to awaken students, parents and educators to an understanding of the interdependence of stabilization, locomotion, and the manipulative skills of eye-hand coordination. The principles in the program are so widely accepted that the Brain Gym® program is now the standard in many schools around the world and is recommended by tutors & teachers & all those looking for a more functional, satisfying lifestyle & sense of well-being. Teachers who incorporate the Brain Gym the movements within their daily classroom routine rediscover that joy of teaching for which they originally chose their profession. 136 Pages total!