Buried in the Snow Lamplighter Theatre Audio CD

Buried in the Snow Lamplighter Theatre Audio CD

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Far north of the Alps, in the Jura Mountains, a boy and his grandfather are trapped in their chalet. A fierce snowstorm has cut off all paths of rescue. Young Jacques and his grandfather battle a fire, narrowly escape an avalanche, and encounter a terrifying pack of hungry wolves. Based on a true story, Buried in the Snow will rivet you, amaze you, and inspire you as Jacques and his grandfather face the ultimate test of all—a test of their faith. And then the unthinkable happens. When death, doubt, and danger surround them, will their faith survive? Or will it be Buried in the Snow?

"Dear Kind Friends at Lamplighter Publishing,

Our three homeschool boys have learned more than I can put in a letter about faith in the God of the Bible, and His character from the books and audiobooks that you publish. I'm not sure that grateful is a descriptive enough word for the gratitude I have to God. The children all rushed in to wake their daddy and tell him the good news after they were purchased this morning, and then spent our drive to and fro today listening to "Buried in the Snow". Tears of joy, faith and sadness fell as we listened to those dear ones live their adventure through our hearts. 

If only I had more words than thank-you."


Homeschooling Mom