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Cam Jansen Series Collection (Books 1-33)

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Cam Jansen 33 Mystery Book Collection Set

Includes the following books:

  1. The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds
  2. The Mystery of the UFO
  3. The Mystery of the Dinosaur Bones
  4. The Mystery of the Television Dog
  5. The Mystery of the Gold Coin
  6. The Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball
  7. The Mystery of the Circus Clown
  8. The Mystery of the Monster Movie
  9. The Mystery of the Carnival Prize
  10. The Mystery at the Monkey House
  11. The Mystery of the Stolen Corn Popper
  12. The Mystery of Flight 54
  13. The Mystery at the Haunted House
  14. The Chocolate Fudge Mystery
  15. The Triceratops Pops Mystery
  16. The Ghostly Mystery
  17. The Scary Snake Mystery
  18. The Catnapping Mystery
  19. The Barking Treasure Mystery
  20. The Birthday Mystery
  21. The School Play Mystery
  22. The First Day of School Mystery
  23. The Tennis Tropy Mystery
  24. The Snowy Day Mystery
  25. The Valentine Baby Mystery
  26. The Secret Service Mystery
  27. The Mystery Writer Mystery
  28. The Green School Mystery 
  29. The Basketball Mystery
  30. The Wedding Cake Mystery 
  31. The Graduation Day Mystery
  32. The Millionaire Mystery
  33. The Spaghetti Max Mystery

Perfect for beginning chapter book readers, the Cam Jansen series continues to be a bestseller after over thirty years. Each mystery features Cam—the fifth grade sleuth with the photographic memory—who solves the case with the help of her best friend, Eric. Book 33: Mysteries follow super-sleuth Cam Jansen everywhere she goes, even to the airport. Cam and Eric go with her father to the airport to meet “Spaghetti” Max, her father’s best friend from childhood. While they’re looking for him, a distressed traveler asks Cam to help him find his missing daughter. But what use is Cam’s photographic memory if she has never seen the missing girl? And where is Spaghetti Max? Can Cam solve this double mystery?

Penguin Random House