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Capital Mysteries Complete Set (1-14)

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This series includes the following 14 books: #1 Who Cloned the President?, #2 Kidnapped at the Capital, #3 The Skeleton in the Smithsonian, #4 A Spy in the White House, #5 Who Broke Lincoln’s Thumb? #6 Fireworks at the FBI, #7 Trouble at the Treasure, #8 Mystery at the Washington Monument, #9 A Thief at the National Zoo, #10 The Election-Day Disaster, #11 The Secret at Jefferson’s Mansion, #12 The Ghost at Camp David, #13 Trapped on the D.C. Train!, and #14 Turkey Trouble on the National Mall.

Each book highlights one of the famous museums, buildings, or monuments from the Washington area and includes a map and a two-page fun fact spread with photographs. Parents, teachers, and librarians agree that these highly collectible chapter books are perfect for emerging readers and any kid who love mysteries!

Readers who enjoy exciting chapter books will love Capital Mysteries!

In the first book of the Capital Mysteries—an early chapter book mystery series featuring fun facts and famous sites from Washington, D.C.— KC Corcoran always watches the news. So it’s no surprise that she notices right away when the President of the United States starts acting funny on TV. He’s stiff and awkward. He’s even signing papers with the wrong hand. There’s only one explanation – the president has been cloned! And it’s up to KC and her best friend, Marshall, to save him.

In the fourteenth book of this series, every year the president pardons one turkey for Thanksgiving. One. But KC and her best friend, Marshall, think one isn’t enough! This year, they want to gather lots of turkeys to be spared. The night before the holiday, the turkeys are in a big flock on the National Mall waiting to be set free. The next morning, they’re gone! Who would steal 117 Thanksgiving turkeys? KC and Marshall have to ruffle some feathers to find out!