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Dick and Jane Level 1 & Level 2 Readers (Set of 12)

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Dick and Jane Level 1 & Level 2 Readers (Set of 12) Ages 3-6

Generations of children learned to read with Dick, Jane, Sally, Puff, and Spot. Enjoy these original basic reader classics with a new generation. FROM THE DICK AND JANE EARLY READERS SERIES! Titles Include: LEVEL 1: Emergent Reader (Guided Levels A-D) simple vocabulary, word repetition, picture clues, predictable story and sentence structures and familiar themes and ideas.

This set of 12 includes the following books: Dick and Jane: We Look, Dick and Jane: Something Funny, Dick and Jane: Jump and Run, Dick and Jane: Go, Go, Go, Dick and Jane: Away We Go, Dick and Jane: We Play LEVEL 2: Progressing Reader (Guided Levels E-I) longer sentences simple dialogue, picture and context clues, more in-depth plot development. Dick and Jane: Guess Who, Dick and Jane: Go Away, Spot, Dick and Jane: Who Can Help? Dick and Jane: We See, Dick and Jane: We Work. Dick and Jane: Fun with Dick and Jane.

Fun With Dick and Jane: “Look, Jane, ” said Dick. “Here is something funny. Can you guess what it is?”

We Play: Dick can play. Jane can play. Spot can play, too! Have fun with Dick and Jane as you read along with this sweet and simple story.

Millions of Americans remember Dick and Jane (and Sally and Spot, too!). Now Dick and Jane and all their pals are back with revised editions of these classic readers for a whole new generation of readers to enjoy!

Penguin Random House