Handloading for Competition by Glen D. Zediker

Handloading for Competition by Glen D. Zediker

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Handloading for Competition Making the Target Bigger Zediker Publishing

By Glen Zediker. An in-depth detailed look at handloading for competition discussing everything from equipment selection and load data to loading procedure taken from some of the most knowledgeable people in the shooting world. Topics Covered: Excerpt from the Book: Now, for those rainy days when there's nothing better to do for hours and hours (and these are low times needed) a shooter can chip away at inspecting the other components - bullets and cases - and determine what he's got to work with. To do it, he first has to know what he's looking for. As plain as that might sound, it's exceedingly important to decide which characteristics to sleuth out: weight, size, or something else.

There are 450 pages and over 350 photos, charts, graphs, and illustrations. 7x10 size, very high quality. It's packed! If you liked The Competitive AR15, you'll love this one!

It's a guide to "practical precision" in producing high-performance ammunition. Ten major sections and one hundred separate segments detail all aspects of developing and producing ammunition for High Power Rifle, Silhouette Rifle, or serious varminting. Tools, methods, and processes for sizing, seating, case preparation are examined. Fixing "primer problems" like pierces and blow outs (and what really causes them). Bullet selection, real world accuracy and ballistic performance, and proven (because they win) loads for all popular competitive cartridges, plus "both sides" of bullet coating. Testing and development have their own sections, and there's also a special Long Range chapter by Scott Medesha, U.S. Palma® Team member. This book is a very large collection of information, ideas, and essays on the production of high-performance ammunition for use in competition rifles.