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Hank the Cowdog Series (Books 71-76)

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Tales about a hero dog solving each case and saving the day, great for children and the whole family to read! This collection from Maverick Books includes the following 5 books:

#72 Three-Toed Tree Sloth: Pete the Barncat isn't known for his reliable story-telling, but when his report about a strange, tree-devouring creature is corroborated by another source namely J.T. Cluck, the ranch's head rooster Hank decides to investigate.

#73 Buried Deer: Happy Lab is back in town, and it looks like he's up to his old good-natured, bumbling ways... But, while Hank and Drover might find him a little exasperating at times, this latest adventure proves that a loyal lab is a great friend to have.

#74 Frozen Rodeo: It seems that one of their electric fences has shortcircuited, and some of their wheat pasture steers have strayed into town and onto the Twitchell golf course! Slim saddles up his horse and heads off to retrieve the steers.

#75 Red Rubber Ball: Fall is an important time of year on a ranch, mostly because it means that winter is coming soon! And, on Hank's ranch, that means that the cake house is about to be filled with bags of feed to get the cattle through the long, frozen days ahead.

#76 Missing Teeth: This time it’s a search and rescue operation for Miss Viola’s father, Woodrow, who went missing while making his daily rounds of the pastures. Unfortunately, the mission led by Hank, Slim, and Deputy Kile comes to a screeching halt when an unexpected Texas downpour turns the ranch roads to mud and strands their vehicles.