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Hank the Cowdog Series (Paperback Books 61-70)

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Not a boxed set. For young readers, ages 6-12.

Stories perfect for children and the family you can read! Figure out each mystery with Hank as he takes courage to follow the clues and be a hero! This children's collection includes the following 10 books from the Hank series:

#61 Case of the Prowling Bear
#62 The Ghost of Rabbits Past
#63 The Return of Charlie Monsters
#64 The Three Rings
#65 The lmost Last Roundup
#66 The Christmas Turkey Disaster
#67 Wagons West
#68 Secret Pledge
#69 Wandering Goats
#70 Troublesome Lady

Book 61: Everyone knows that bears live in the mountains and there are no mountains in the Texas Panhandle. So, when Slim claims to have seen a bear cross the road, no one knows what to believe, that is, until Deputy Kile spreads a report that there really is a bear on the loose in Ochiltree County.

Book 62: Things go from bad to worse when Hank and Drover wake up in the wee hours of the morning to a full-fledged invasion of the ranch. It's the coyotes, and they're set on making a take-out dinner of Pete the Barncat.

Book 63: Hank falls victim to a series of sneaky schemes: first a Turkey Debacle endangers his relationship with Sally May, then a case of poising puts him at death's doornail, and finally, a disastrous ride to town almost finishes him off.

Book 70: It’s a blustery day in late fall, and he decides to sneak into the back of the pickup and hitch a ride with Slim and Loper to a neighbor’s fall branding. But he has no idea what’s in store of him! Instead of running into either Miss Viola or the beautiful Miss Beulah the Collie, he finds himself on a Baxter’s ranch.