Jonathan Park: the copper scroll series

Jonathan Park: the copper scroll series

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includes All 4 Thrilling Albums of the 8th Adventure!

After the CRT's exciting adventure in Outer Space, Jonathan, Kendall, Jim, and Jessie think they’ve uncovered the key to a real-life mystery that has stumped archeologists for more than sixty years: the location of treasure described in the Dead Sea Scrolls. But as the Creation Response Team follows clues from one biblical location to the next, opposition increases on every side!


  • Beowulf Manuscript

  • Symbiotic Relationships in Nature

  • Mutations and Natural Selection

  • World Views


  • God is all Powerful - Psalm 104:32

  • Absolute Truth

  • Charitable Giving - James 2:15-17

  • Confessing Christ before Men - Matt. 10:33 & 34