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Kumon Workbooks Grade 6 (Set of 5)

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Kumon Workbooks Grade 6 (Set of 5): Fractions, Geometry, Word Problems, Reading, Writing


This Kumon set includes the following five books for Grade 6: Fractions, Geometry & Measurement, Word Problems, Writing, and Reading. Covers subjects of math and English.

Fractions: In this workbook, children gain foundational skills for calculating fractions. Sections on greatest common factor and lowest common multiple prepare children for adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators, as well as multiplying and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. Topics Covered: -Reducing fractions to lowest possible denominator -Factors and multiples -Greatest common.

Geometry and Measurement: Children gradually advance from learning properties of circles to calculating the surface area and volume of various shapes. Identify factors and common factors, as well as the greatest common factor, identify multiples and common multiples, as well as the least common multiple reduce fractions and more!

Word Problems: This workbook familiarizes children with complex arithmetic concepts. Your child will solve problems dealing with speed, distance, and time. Concepts include: fractions, solving percent problems including percent, rate, and base, solving problems including speed, distance, time, determining probability, determining an average from pictographs.

Writing: Practice with transition sentences and supporting details gives children the confidence they need for a lifetime of writing success. Topics Covered: punctuation, clause review, writing a five-paragraph essay, introduction, body, conclusion, and transition sentences, supporting details, outlining, editing, and revising an essay.

Reading: Your child will successfully interpret texts, identify story elements, and describe characters. They will master reading fundamentals and feel excited to read more challenging stories! Topics Covered: vocabulary building, theme, main idea, major & minor details, interpreting text, fact & opinion, story elements, characters, and reading stories.