Math Olympiad Contest Problems (Volume 1)

Math Olympiad Contest Problems (Volume 1)

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for Elementary and Middle Schools (Volume 1)

by Dr. G. Lenchner.

The Math Olympiad contests presented these 400 challenging problems and ingenious solutions over our first 16 years. Aimed at young students, their teachers and parents, the book contains 400 problems all at the Division E level from our contests 1979 through 1995, complete solutions (frequently multiple solutions and follow up questions), a section of hints to help the reader get started, and seven unique appendices that inform and enrich, among other features.

Four hundred challenging math problems created by Lenchner over a sixteen year period provide kids with a book of problems which introduces many different problem-solving strategies. Parents and teachers may use these problem sets to aid in reinforcing or teaching math skills in this fine workbook which includes answers and logical skills progression. -- Midwest Book Review