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Monumental Training Course, Study Guide, & Bonus DVD

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America has undergone a radical shift in recent times, from an exceptional nation – the most free, prosperous, and virtuous in history – to a nation in decline.

There are numerous signs of decay in the American culture: the breakdown of the family; the abandonment of sexual morals; the decline of education; the rampant killing of unborn children; the rise of big government; and the growing hostility to Christianity in schools, colleges, the military, business, and government.

This 12-lesson course provides the blueprint for restoring America as the land of liberty. This package contains the Dove-nominated film by Kirk Cameron Monumental, a book authored by Stephen McDowell on Restoring America as the Land of Liberty, and discussions on DVD by Kirk and Stephen on the twelve chapters in the book.

Be a part of advancing God’s monumental story. This course is the ideal means of providing you and your family and friends with the ideas necessary to live in Christian liberty. Gives your family a foundation based on the truth of God.

DISC 1: The Forefathers Monument: A Matrix of Liberty, Faith, Morality
DISC 2: Law, Education, Liberty
DISC 3: The Chain of Liberty: Preparation of the Seed of the American Republic, The Pilgrims: Planting the Seed of the American Republic, The Christian Colonization of America: Cultivating the Seed of Liberty
DISC 4: Advance of Liberty in Early America: Fruit of the Seed of the American Republic, Decline of the American Republic in the 20th Century: Growth of a Different Seed, Being Watchmen on the Walls: Replanting the Seed of the American Republic
DISC 5: Monumental Documentary: The Search for America's National Treasure