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Suzuki Piano School New International Version (Volumes 1-7)

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Suzuki Piano School New International Version Volumes 1-7

This set includes volumes 1-7 of Suzuki Piano School, the New International Version! All are staple bound and do not include CDs. A beginning/intermediate lesson for piano players who are beginners! Has sheet music, practice, and note reading for learning the basics of keyboard playing!

This set includes the following: *Sheet music *Tempo markings *Keys, sources, composer dates, catalog numbers *Music from composers such as Bach, Mozart, J. N. Hummel, H. Lichner, R. Schumann, Béla Bartók, C. Petzold, L. van Beethoven, M. Clementi and so much more! *Songs such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mary had a Little Lamb, London Bridge, Allegretto 1, Sonata in C Major, Notturno, Op. 54, No. 4, Spanish Dance No. 5 and more! The New International Edition of Suzuki Piano School includes French, German and Spanish translations. Other improvements include a cleaner appearance with less editing and spacious new engravings, as well as more detailed titles. The spacious new engraving with minimal editing generally keeps only one piece per page. Alfred Music’s passion is supporting music education with a focus on quality methods, performance, and reference materials for teachers, students, and professionals! Alfred Music has been a world leader in music education and has helped over 10 million individuals learn, teach, and play music through our pedagogically sound products.

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