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Tuttle Twins Choose Your Consequence Series (4 Set)

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This Tuttle Twins pack includes the following 4 paperback books: Hyperinflation Destination, Case of the Broken Window, Little Pink House, and Play for Power. Will you send Ethan and Emily to the ruins, knowing that they are smart and well-prepared? You make the decisions—and see the consequences unfold. Teaches the basics and fundamentals on government, economics that your reader will love!

Hyperinflation Destination: The Tuttle twins have saved their money, planned things out thoroughly, and are ready to head off to South America to water ski, hike the jungles, and see some of the world’s oldest ruins. Along the way, you’ll learn about inflation, community, and cryptocurrency!

Case of the Broken window: It’s a perfect day for a game of baseball. The game-winning home run from Emily gets them what they want… along with a whole lot of trouble they could never have expected.

Little Pink House: The Tuttle twins are off to visit Grandma’s house on the banks of the Monongahela River to celebrate Independence Day. When a greedy corporation schemes to take over Grandma’s land, can the twins stop it and come to her rescue? It’s all up to you—the zoning fights, the referendum, the ancient artifacts—and your decisions will guide the twins either to victory or defeat.

Play for Power: Dennis Forde, Secretary of State, has died, and the Tuttle Twins are headed for the funeral. Along the way, there are shark-fin car toppers, stolen campaign materials, music festivals, fundraising, spying, & new friends.

These books for teenagers (and pre-teens and young adults) feature a series of adventures where the readers control the story! With 24 story endings between the three books, your kids will be able to observe the outcomes of different economic and political situations that Ethan and Emily—age 15 encounter. Great lessons for homeschooling on a conservative foundation.