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Tuttle Twins Complete Series (Books 1-12)

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This complete Tuttle Twins 12 book set includes 12 paperback books full of bright, engaging illustrations, this unique book introduces your child to fundamental principles that schools no longer teach. Great for teaching children, homeschooling, and learning the foundations of a variety of topics like economics, business, teamwork, and more! Perfect introduction to the constitution, freedom, laws, liberty, and financial practices!

Leviathan Crisis: Based on the book Crisis and Leviathan by Robert Higgs, this story finds the twins learning the power of truth in a world filled with fearmongering, ignorance, Trojan horses, and demagogues!

The Golden Rule: There is one universal principle—a “Golden Rule” as it’s often called— upon which many people do agree: we should treat others the way we want them to treat us. Ethan and Emily Tuttle embark on their first summer camp adventure where they learn this lesson firsthand. Chief Ron and his camp counselors help the twins and their teammates learn the dangers of aggression, revenge, and blowback—and why peace and friendship are important!

The Law: What are individual rights, and where do they come from? Should the government help people, or should we? Ethan and Emily explore these and more questions as they learn about the law and help your kids do the same.

The Miraculous Pencil: What is the free market and why is it so important? Ethan and Emily embark on a fun field trip to learn how pencils are made using parts from all over the world—and how in an economy, people work together in harmony to produce helpful products that improve our lives.

Education Vacation: After hearing an award-winning teacher discuss some problems with schooling and share a vision for how children are best educated, the Tuttle family decides to embark on a new learning adventure. Long-time educator John Taylor Gatto shares ideas with the Tuttle family from his book The Underground History of American Education.